Noches de Trova

Experience the thrilling Spanish language songs of “Nueva Canción” (contemporary songs) at “Noches de Trova” (Trova Nights) Bossa Nova, Blues, Country, Caribbean Son, Classical, Ranchera, Jazz, Flamenco, Cumbia, Bolero, Andean, Rock and many more. Build with strong messages which tended to employ lyrics that were self-consciously literary, formal and schooled.

Featuring host Troubadours: Esteban Leon, Tomas Cadena and Jorge Negrete, with a rotating cast of special guests artists from different styles of music, different art disciplines such as acting, dance and poetry.

Monthly “Noches de Trova” is nothing but nights of songs, poetry, theatre and art. The goal of “Noches de Trova” is to provide a place for artists to present and preserve their cultural forms.

Attracting a significant number of all types of people within the community. No other place in the area of Los Angeles, has offered something like this for the past 11 years. And “Noches de Trova” finally has found his home in Center for the Arts Eagle Rock since 7 years ago.

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