Lou DiMaggio

Lou DiMaggio began his career as a stand-up comic in his native Long Island, N.Y., at the close of the ’70s, while still a student. He soon became a fixture on the New York comedy club scene in the boom ’80s. In 1989 he headed for the west coast to pursue an acting and writing career in Hollywood. He has been featured in some 30 or so national TV commercials in the past decade and has guested on numerous TV shows. His writing work for Comedy Central’s Win Ben Stein’s Money brought him a daytime emmy in May of 1998. The one-man show, “An Irish Wake”, which he co-wrote with it’s star Colin Quinn (SNL’s new Weekend Update anchorman) made it all the way to Broadway this past summer (’98) and received much praise from the N.Y. theatre critics. Lou can also be heard on Comedy Central’s “Make Me Laugh” where he wears multiple hats as the show’s announcer, producer and writer.

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