Dahlia Mamas

On the sweaty blacktop of the Dahlia Heights Elementary Ice Cream Social, in August 2015, as our kids danced to the fabulous Dahlia Dad Band, a group of moms lamented the lack of mom-fronted rock band, thus marking the auspicious start of the Dahli Mamas, a group of five hard rocking Eagle Rock moms. “We work, we take care of our children, but when do we have time to ROCK?” pondered the Dahli Mamas front woman Katie “Jazz Hands” Tell. The Dahli Mamas are a band of many styles with the group’s key musical influences ranging from David Bowie to Yo La Tengo and venturing into more modern indie rock and pop. “I’m currently working on a mashup of Drake’s Hotline Bling with a Pavement song,” says the group’s lead guitarist Dr. Darby “Shredder” Saxbe. The group represents a mix of musical interests and experiences – the bassist, Kris “Cannimal” Canning, was known throughout the clubs of Boston for her time with local bands The Falsies and Honeyglazed and in LA with Bedroom
Walls. Drummer Carrie “Bon Vivant” Hansen brings a punk influence to the group, stemming from her riot grrrl and garage band days.
“We’re just looking to have fun, take a break from life and show our kids that moms rock just as hard as dads.” says the group’s multi-instrumentalist Maura “Davy Jones” Griffin. “We were all in bands and loved playing music before we had kids – why should that change?”

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